A Dangerous Man With A Guitar signs to Dr Cyclops Digital

1472140_10202933230438767_1065969264_nA Dangerous Man with a Guitar – I Killed My Baby: is an amazing, haunting and creepy acoustic collection of murder anthems from former The Spookshow guitarist Daniel Blixt, the album “I Killed My Baby” will  released on January 25th 2014 available everywhere you buy music.. including Itunes, Amazon, Emusic, Rhapsody and also available on streaming sites, IHeartRadio, Spotify and Rdio.com 12 songs of love and death!

enjoy this taste the song is called “I want My Baby To Die” > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kK5B61TvsP0

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DieMonsterDie – October 21st 1976


DieMonsterDie – October 21st 1976

They’re back! With their 8th official studio album, October 21st 1976 was funded successfully by Kickstarter fans ( don’t worry folks vinyl is coming soon!) this album has a bit of everything, from straigh forward punk, to metal, to boo wop, DieMonsterDie run the gamet on this one, but it all beautiful goes together mixing styles, the only way DMD knows how to do it, you be the judge!

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Night Of Samhain – Road

samhainNight Of Samhain – Road

Russian Horror Punk is alive and well, released everywhere digital on October 18 2013, this album is the first official release from the band, solid as nails, and fist pumping!  Night of Samhain is a Russian horror-punk band from Rostov, formed in 2010. The band consists of Michael Shaforostov (lead vocal), Gennady Sylka (bass guitar), Alexandr Fedas (drums), Ruslan Agaev (guitar). The First song Road was released on April 1, 2012. To date, the band has recorded 10 songs. A debut album will be released in spring.


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Others – Garden Of Rage

GOROthers – Garden of Rage

Hailing from Binghampton, New York Others is a horror/ Gothic metal based band, with all of the melody and sludge to make you believe you are in the nightmare along side of them, Garden Of Rage is the first release on Dr Cyclops Records with many to come, Others is the longest artists to be with Dr Cyclops besides founding band DieMonsterDie, songs included” Devil May Care, Descent, I Vampire and If I’m Smilin/


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The Nightshift – Los Muertos

NSThe Nightshift – Los Muertos

From Gothenberg Sweden one of the most melodic horror punk bands for a long time, with melodic music, sweeping acoustic guitar and all around great sound, this is the first and only album by the band released on Dr Cyclops Records, it is their first official release, and still a favorite of mine, songs included: I Met Elvis In Hell, Marionette and Countess In Red.


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Left For Dead – It Ends…

IELeft For Dead – It Ends…

The final album from Left For Dead “It Ends…” is a 6 song ep of songs recorded at Johnny Demonic’s home studio, with the add of Cordaver on the drums (Meatwhistle from DMD featured on thier first album) this would be the very tasty but final album from a band that came on strong and left the scene in a cloud of mystery.. songs included: Bury Me Deep, Blood Mary and Deep Black Sea..


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DieMonsterDie – Fall To Your Knees

FTKDieMonsterDie – Fall To Your Knees

Fall To Your Knees is the latest release from DieMonsterDie, released October 2010, this album shows a more metal tinge to the bands already explosive punk sound, all while keeping everything you know and love about DMD from the past, songs on the album include: She Looks Like You, Dead Flowers, Double Murder Suicide and A Priest and a Zombie Rent a Fishing Boat as Friends..


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DieMonsterDie – UnAlive at the Avalon

un aliveDieMonsterDie – UnAlive at the Avalon (Live)

Recorded Live at the Avalon in Salt Lake City, this is live DieMonsterDie at its best, although recorded in 2007 it wasn’t til 2010 when the band finally released this live album, is it Frampton comes Alive? maybe not… But it is as close as most folks will come to seeing DMD in a live setting, worth a listen , this album has all the great songs from 2003 -2007.


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DieMonsterDie – Get Blood: Music for the Horribly Depressed

GBDieMonsterDie – Get Blood: Music for the Horribly Depressed

Released in 2009, Get Blood: Music for the Horribly Depressed is a Best Of album containing music from 2002 – 2007. While the band was working on the next album (Fall To Your Knees) they looked back over all the music the band had made over the years, and thought every band should have a Best Of..Right?


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DieMonsterDie – A Great and Terrible Loss

A+Great+And+Terrible+LossDieMonsterDie – A Great and Terrible Loss

Released in 2007, DieMonsterDie are comfortable with their style and adding more and more different genre’s to the mix, while keeping their Shock Rock and Horror style at full throttle, this is the follow up album to Only The Dead Will Survive. Songs Include  Red Wedding Dress, Invisible Hands, Another Million Years and Life is a Series of Bitter Disappointments.


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